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August Member of the Month-Michelle M

Congratulations to our August Member of the Month-Michelle M! This is a long time over due recognition for Michelle. Every workout she steps her best foot forward and is always eager to continue to push forward for more. She serves as a great role model to her younger daughter, and she serves as a great motivator and educator to our members. Thank you Michelle for always giving us your best effort, and for always taking the time to answer any of our nutrition questions!

Throughout your lifetime, how long have you been working out for and what do you enjoy most about fitness?

I’ve worked out to some extent most of my adult life, but I only got into this type of training about 8 years ago. Before then I just “dialed it in” and never really progressed. Once I started I knew this was my type of fitness program. I mean let’s be honest, you need to find something you love to do otherwise you don’t stick with it. For me this was it!

Being a registered dietitian, I’ve always had an interest in fitness and nutrition and healthy living in general. I also want to be a positive healthy role model for my daughter. I love continuing to push myself to be stronger - I’m much stronger now than I ever was when I was younger. Combining proper nutrition with fantastic workouts I think will also be the key to me continuing to feel young even as I get older, so that’s a winning situation right there!

Since training at KSP Fitness, what have you learned the most about fitness as well as about yourself?

I learned that I really can push myself well beyond what I thought was possible for me to do. I will never forget the day I came home so pumped because I pulled 550 lbs across the gym shortly after I started. Before that day I never thought I could do stuff like that. Honestly I doubted even that day that I could do it, but I remember Kyle saying “you got this” and sure enough I did it. Now I continue to push myself to be stronger. To me it’s never about being skinny - it’s always about getting stronger!

What do you like most about the workouts? And what is your favorite exercise?

Our trainers are the best first of all. Even on the toughest workout days they motivate us in a positive way. The other members are also such positive motivators. Really it’s like hanging out with lots of friends having fun, while also getting in a killer workout. I always leave with a smile. Heck, most of the time you’ll find me smiling while I’m working out because I LOVE IT!

My favorite exercise is the banded deadlifts. I do also enjoy the “bonus workouts” at the end of most classes. They remind us that even though we thought we were done, we can push thru just a little longer!

What would you recommend to someone looking to start training?

Don’t doubt your abilities!! So many people comment that they could never workout and do all the “crazy stuff” that I do. But everyone starts somewhere and you build off of that! I’m thankful to have found a place where I feel like the skies the limit as far as how strong I can become because there is always room to push yourself a little more and push thru not only those physical but mental barriers that try to hold us back!

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