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We help local athletes gain strength, build speed & explosive power, and maximize their athletic potential in their sport

Middle School Athletes

Build and Master the Fundamentals

Master Form and Technique

Build Athletic Awareness

Develop proper movement patterns

Gain Core Strength and Body Strength

Gain Speed

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High School Athletes

Maximize Strength

Unilateral Assessment and Diagnosis

Maximize Explosive Power

Improve Speed and Agility

Increase Core Strength

Improve Mobility and Flexibility


Athletic Performance Development Program

Increase your overall Strength - Just as they say speed skills, strength is just as important. By increasing your overall strength you will become more powerful and explosive; which directly impacts your speed. With our strength training programming we guarantee that you will become stronger in your first month with us!


Increase Speed and Agility - Becoming faster in your sport is something that we specialize in. We will teach you how to sprint correctly and we guarantee that we will decrease your 40 time from the day that you walk in with us. 


Increase your Mobility and Flexibility - By increasing your mobility and flexibility, we are increasing your range of motion. By increasing your range of motion we allow ourselves more force to be developed which in return allows us to become quicker and reduces the risk of injury.


Reduce the Risk of Injury- Our athletes do best by staying on the playing field. By sticking to an exercise plan we are greatly reducing our chances of injury.


Become that much better at your sport! 




We guarantee that you will see results with us within the first 30 days or you can have your money back, guaranteed!

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