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Jen C. KSP Member

"I feel like I am in better shape than ever, I am almost 44, and really in the best shape of my work can be really stressful, life can be stressful in general, and I just feel like its a stress management tool for me that has been a total game changer."

Dan S. KSP Member

"My energy levels are a lot higher, I started running, I just ran a 10K a month or so ago which I could have never done a year ago, much less 5 years ago. I feel a lot more energetic and just ready to get up and do things."

Nichole C. KSP Member

"Ive been coming here for about 2 years...this made it a lot easier for me to build strength, I just show up and follow the routine and each week I feel challenged."

Mike M. KSP Member

"The energy that is here is very much a no ego environment, which I love, and I feel  part of a community, so coming in every day, every week, every month, I feel like I am letting people down if I am not here."

Billy K. KSP Member

"I enjoy the variety, I come in and check my stuff at the door, leave everything at the door, and I just do everything that they tell me to do, and every days different. It mixes it up, keeps it fresh, and keeps me coming back every day.

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