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May Member of the Month-Barb!

Congrats to our May Member of the Month, Barb! Who said that you couldn't get stronger, have more energy, and have fun while working out? Barb has been with us since late November and has done an awesome job hitting her stride with her workouts! Keep up the great work Barb we admire your work ethic and willingness to keep getting better!

I have always been a physically active person. I was involved in athletics as a teen and coached my children’s athletic teams as a parent. I have enjoyed walking, biking, hiking and kayaking as I continue to do, now However, I knew something was missing and I found it KSP.

As an older adult I need strength and mobility. The workouts are challenging but the changes I see and feel in my body are amazing. It feels good to be able to join in activities again that I had given up on due to loss of strength and mobility.

Fitness training at KSP has taught me that it is never to late to change. I love the sense of family and community, we all support each other in our fitness goals whatever they may be.

My past experience with gyms was a solitary one. I love the fact that it all class work, I don’t have to worry whether I am hitting all the exercises I need to because the workout is already prescribed. I love working out with other people especially when we are supporting and encouraging each other.

My favorite exercises are the ones that target mobility. At my age (63) mobility begins to become and issue and I’ve seen much improvement thanks to the staff at KSP.

If you are someone that knows you need to make a change in your life remember it’s never too late. You will have lots of support at KSP. Just takes a first step.

Thank you !!

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