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August Member of the Month-Daryl C

Congratulations to this month's member of the month, Daryl C. Daryl has done above and beyond in the past month to put countless hours in to bettering himself and his health. Daryl even went down with a knee injury outside of the fitness center while playing soccer, but he still managed to find his way back in to the gym as soon as possible. Keep up the awesome work Daryl!

There is too much information about fitness and nutrition out there, you don't know where to start! That was me three years ago, I did joined gyms, got those home work outs, did those nutrition plans but i could not stick to it, it got boring after a while ago. Then I found K. Shan Performance! I wanted it to loose a little bit of weight, I wanted to look little better, but now its becoming my passion is not going to be like this for every one. Everything is achievable if you stick to it, don't quit! of course everyone has their up and downs. Fitness is just not about lifting weights, it has to be combined with nutrition and watching for what ever you into your body, I never thought it would be possible, but i’m becoming a different person.

At K. Shan everyday is a new work out, you either are slamming a medicine ball to ground or doing just plain push up, every work out is as challenge as the one before, which i love doing. One of my favorite work out is the one arm row, when i started I saw other members pick up the 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100 pound dumbbell, and do 12 to 15 reps to each arm I was amazed about it, i remember one of the other members say “You will get there someday”. Well I did. Im not where i want to be with my body, but its a step closer to it.

We need to start some where! Do something you like doing, either go out running, play soccer, football, walk around the mall, try to eat healthier once in a while. Each step counts towards your new you. Of course is going to be a long bumpy road a head but with the help of a great trainer, is going to be a little bit closer than you think!

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