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Assessing an Injury a Client Brings to Us

When someone comes to us with any type of injury or issue they are having, we usually go through a process in order to see what is the actual cause of the problem. Whether its muscular, ligaments or tendons, or nerve pain-there is a trigger to what is causing the issue. The first thing that we ask is what causes the pain? Is it going up your stairs or just walking around a supermarket? Does it happen only in the mornings when you get out of bed? These questions can point us to if it is more muscular. The second thing that we look at is the issue in itself. Where are you have pain, and does it travel anywhere else? Sometimes pain is localized and sometimes pain is associated in other areas. The next thing and the most crucial that we look at is the joints that are involved in that area, and both above it and below it. Most of the time the client will be surprised that the issue is either stemming from the joint above it, or the joint below it. Sometimes people won't relize that their tight hip flexor is affecting their knee and their heel strike in their walking pattern.

What we do next is take the next step possible, if it is a major issue we recommend to seek out care from a physician to see what the underlying issue is, so that further damage does not occur. If it is more muscular, we work with the client and prescrive exercises to work on the dsyfunction that is being presented.


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