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50+ Fitness Program

We help adults 50+ get fit, feel better, and gain energy even if you are overwhelmed or unsure where to start, our coaches will work with you to reach your individual goals.
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All you have to do is show up, we'll take care of it from here.

What does the program entail? 

Men and Women 50+ 30 Day Fitness Program

Safe and Knee Friendly Exercises-Our goal is for you to feel better leaving here, than when you first came in. We will not make you do exercises you feel uncomfortable doing.


Improve Quality of Life-our exercises will have carry over to your every day life to make it easier. From grocery shopping, bending over to get the newspaper, picking up the grandchildren, shoveling the snow, lets make your life easier.

Community of Support-All of our members each were in your shoes and had their own first day with us, we welcome you in to an environment for your success.

Guided and Supervised Exercise Programs-you will be working directly with one of our fitness professionals focusing on proper movement and form, mobility and flexibility exercises, and low impact exercises that ensure an increase in strength and quality of life.

Initial consultation-Lets map out your goals and discuss what you have done in the past, as well as any limitations you might have, and how we can create a plan for you.

Lets create a plan moving forward to ensure your success.


Start FEeling BEtter Today

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