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8 Week Golf Performance Program

Optimize Your Body & Enhance the Swing


We help golfers of all ages and abilities optimize their movement patterns to maximize their golf swing and lower your golf score!


Gain Core Strength and Stability
Male Golfer

A strong core allows for the proper movements to be stabilized throughout the golf swing and also a stronger lower back to alleviate any pain some golfers start to develop.

Improve Mobility/Flexibility

One of the most underrated concepts in the golf swing is your mobility. With proper range of motion of a joint, we can maximize the output of what we are asking that joint to do. 

Improve Power and Swing Speed

With the increase of general and core strength, along with proper mobility, we can increase your maximal and relative swing speed.

Spend This Winter Developing All Aspects Of Your Golf Game
Session 1

Join us for 8 Weeks on Saturday mornings from 10:00-11:30

Session Dates:

Nov 7th-Initial Assessment day




Dec 5th-Mid Assessment

Dec 12th

Dec 19th

Jan 2nd-Final Assessment

Session 2

Join us for 8 weeks on Saturday mornings from 10-11:30 AM

Session Dates:

Jan 9th-Initial Assessment



30th Mid Evaluation

Feb 6th



27th-Final Assessment

** Capped at 15 people per class. If more interest we will open up a second offering per session

What does it entail?


Week 1-

TPI Assessment and Swing Analysis with PGA Golf Pro

-Initial Assessment: Mobility and Flexibility Assessment.

Swing Speed analysis, shot distribution analysis on simulator

We will find what areas of your body mechanics we can focus on throughout the entirety of the program.

Week 2 through 8

-90 minute sessions:

First 45-60 minutes is focused on mobility, flexibility, rotational exercises, strength movements, core stability. These areas will be built off of what your assessment shows and how we can improve your functionality of your biomechanics for the golf swing.

Final Evaluation Week 8

TPI Assessment and Swing Analysis 

john suter pga.jpg

John Suter 

PGA Professional

kyle shannon tpi.jpg

Kyle Shannon

Titleist Performance Institute Certfied

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