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September Member(s) of the Month-Kristie and Kristin!

Congratulations to our September Member(s) of the month Kristie and Kristin! These two you can find at almost every 6 AM Metabolic class during the week. Not only is their attendance and work ethic in the fitness center super impressive, they both train outside the gym doing their running programs. Keep up the great work you two, we appreciate your work ethic and friendly personalities at our fitness center!

Throughout your lifetime, how long have you been working out for and what do you enjoy most about fitness?

Kristie: I have been very active all my life. From swimming, softball, speed skating, and anything outdoors really. It wasn’t til about 5 years ago that I started working out “on purpose” because I was having a hard time keeping the weight off. I started with yoga and then tried a very expensive gym before I stumbled upon KSP last April. What I enjoy most is that once it becomes a routine and you make friends and meet awesome people along the way, it is no longer work.

Kristin: I’ve always enjoyed being active and doing fitness type of activities, including gymnastics and swimming when I was younger to cheerleading as I went through school, and then working out in with a gym and/or training beginning in my 20s. It wasn’t until I found functional fitness, and using the TRX Straps, Ropes, Tires, and body weight exercises that I fell in love with these workouts as it reminded me of gymnastics.

What I enjoy most about fitness is the way in which it has become ‘my time’ for which I can get out of the daily grind and work/focus on me (both body and mind). I have also enjoyed meeting new people and creating friendships that motivate me to do more, do better, and challenge myself. I’ve been able to introduce fitness to my niece and nephew and being in a place where I can be a role model to them, work out together, and motivate each of them to work hard and be healthy has been extremely rewarding to see their growth.

Since training at KSP Fitness, what have you learned the most about fitness as well as about yourself?

Kristie: What I learned most recently about fitness is that your goals are unlimited. And each time you reach one, it gives you more motivation to go for the next one. I never thought at 45 years old that I would be training for a half marathon and reaching goals of increasing my weights during workouts.

Kristin: I’ve learned that Fitness to me is like riding a bike. Life happens at times, and there was a period where fitness was not able to be a priority to me; though once I returned, it gave me back the confidence and strength I had before and I’d like to say new found strength and motivation. I’ve learned that I am just as strong, if not stronger than I was before. And, by setting goals, remaining focus, and giving myself permission to put myself and my health first; I can be the mentor and role model to my niece and nephew as well as my son.

What do you like most about the workouts? And what is your favorite exercise?

Kristie: I love the group classes, (especially the 6am crew!), because everyone is very motivating. I like that the movements are constantly rotated so you’re never doing the exact same workout. My favorite exercise? I would have to say push-ups. Not because I like them, but they are a challenge for me and I’m still building the strength to do a lot at once.

Kristin: I enjoy the variation of workouts each day. I love when the Coaches challenge me with ways to make a movement more difficult, and anytime I can incorporate core work and balance to a movement, I do. My most favorite exercise, in the gym, would be any movement that incorporates the rings, sliders, ropes, and pushups. In addition to the gym, I had found a love for running. I sign up for as many 5K Runs as I can and am looking forward to completing my first official 10K in October. In the last couple of months, I took first in my age group for a 5K K9 Bethlehem Police Run and also completed the Prostate Cancer 5K run 5 minutes faster than I had finished when I last ran it in 2014 (5 years younger.

What would you recommend to someone looking to start training?

Kristie: One - definitely start with an InBody reading. You will have a baseline to compare and it will tell you so much more than you can see on a scale.

Two - if you’re new to the movements, spend some time in a semi-private class to learn proper form and technique. It will reduce risk of injury and you will see quicker results if your doing the movement correctly.

Three - don’t ever feel intimidated to start. Everyone has had a day 1!

Kristin: Find a gym/trainer/coach that is invested in you and your goals and that provides an atmosphere for where you are welcomed and feel part of the gym family; such as I found with KSP. Start slow, learn the movements and proper technique. Ask questions if unsure on how to do something; its better to do it slow and get the movement right; than have the improper form and hurt yourself and/or gain nothing from the movement. Set attainable goals that can be built on going forward. Give yourself permission to take a break, know that its okay to miss a day, and remind yourself that as much as there may be strength to build, weight to lose; in the end its about being and living a healthy lifestyle. So have fun, introduce yourself to other members, and don’t be hard on yourself. Always believe and know that regardless of your age or time away from the gym, you are capable of meeting any goal you set for yourself as long as you commit to put the work in.

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