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July Member of the Month! Dan S

Congratulations to our July Member of the Month, Dan S! In the recent 6 Week Challenge Dan made a total commitment to his fitness and nutrition to lose an impressive 20.9 LBS! Dan has a tough schedule where he is on the road a good amount of his months. On his time away from the gym his discipline with his nutrition, and his work ethic in the days and times he could make it to the gym he completely maximized! Keep up the great work Dan you serve as an inspiration for all of us to continue to invest in our health and to continue to keep pushing forward with your workouts even on the days where it is tough to get in to the gym!

Throughout your lifetime, how long have you been working out for and what do you enjoy most about fitness?

The camaraderie of team sports is what I’ve always enjoyed most about being active/fitness. I was an active kid and played sports, primarily soccer, throughout high school and college (Go USWNT!!!). After college, I worked out for a number of years but then marriage, kids, career building and daily stresses took over and I essentially stopped actively working out during my 30’s and maybe a few of those fringe years too. After starting back up regularly, I’m reminded at what a great feeling it is to feel more healthy and active. Everything is just a little bit easier both physically and mentally.

Since training at KSP Fitness, what have you learned the most about fitness as well as about yourself?

Regarding fitness, I’ve learned or rather been not so subtly reminded by my body that fitness is very needy. Miss a handful of days after feeling you’re on a roll and you may return to find yourself rolling around needing a sugar tablet, i.e. last Thursday (thanks Brian!). So I’ve learned that even though in my head I’m a solid 22 years old, in reality, not so much but what was once embarrassing is now just another funny story for the kids to tease Dad about at dinner (they recommend keeping Smarties in the car by the way). So, for me, fitness now means getting over my own insecurities and embarrassments and accepting that it is a continual work in progress rather than a finite goal or finish line.

What do you like most about the workouts? And what is your favorite exercise?

It’s probably corny but I do like the high fives, fist bumps, overall team atmosphere and the collective sighs and groans when you say "if you want to challenge yourself wear a chain on this exercise”. Then all you hear is chains clinking. That’s inspiring to me, makes it fun and I thank everyone for that!

I am beginning to like the core exercises more as I get stronger. They are challenging but in the end seem to make most other exercises a tiny bit easier.

What would you recommend to someone looking to start training?

I would recommend that they allow themselves time to build up stamina and strength before getting frustrated. A number of people told me that it would getting easier during my first months and it slowly does. You will be sore but it’s a good sore and there is nothing more exciting than rediscovering an ab.

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