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September Member of the Month - Tim S.

Congratulations to our September Member of the Month, Tim! Tim joined the KSP Family in January and has made great strides towards bettering himself inside and outside the fitness center. Even with his hectic schedule of working nights and not always getting great sleep, we can always count on him for a stellar air guitar solo during any 80's rock song! His positive outlook and drive is inspiring and contagious! He has taken great interest in adjusting his nutrition as well, through which he has seen great results. Tim, you rock! Keep up the good work!

Throughout your lifetime, how long have you been working out for and what do you enjoy most about fitness?

I think I have been working out since high school but never consistently. What i enjoy most and that hadn't occurred until joining KSP is the people. The great people i have met and hopefully can call friends are what keep me coming back.

Since training at K.Shan Performance, what have you learned the most about fitness as well as about yourself?

The first thing I learned is you cant outwork a bad diet. I have also learned that having great support from the people you work out with is a great motivator. This is a tough question for me. I really dont think I have learned anything new about myself. I have always enjoyed working out and know I can achieve the goals I set.

What do you like most about the workouts? And what is your favorite exercise?

I like that the workouts can be adjusted to your own individual needs and that their is a modified version of most of the exercises. Their are so many that I like so I don't think I can pick a favorite. I can probably pick one I don't like easier!

What would you recommend to someone looking to start training?

What I would recommend, and to steal Nike's tag line, "just do it" its that first step that's the hardest but once you get going and especially if you come to KSP you wont regret it. I would also tell them to not get discouraged if you have a set back. Look forward and keep moving towards your goal. Set obtainable goals, and if you are struggling just do one thing each day that takes you a step closer to your goals,no matter how small that step is. Before you know it those little steps will have grown in to giant leaps. YOU GOT THIS!

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