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KSP Member Spotlight: Carla

How long have you been training here at KSP?

I’ve been training at KSP for over a month now.

What initially got you started?

I needed a new workout regimen that would help me achieve my fitness goals. A friend suggested KSP as a good starting point.

How was your health prior to getting started at KSP?

Prior to beginning with KSP, I was very out of shape, low on endurance, and unfamiliar with proper exercise form. I struggled to maintain a regular fitness plan that would effectively help me to not only lose weight, but also, help me to tone my body.

What was your first class like and how did you feel?

My first class was very nice and a bit challenging, but not so much that I couldn’t make it through or that I was too intimidated to go back. I don’t always know how hard to push myself, but since my first class, Drew and Kyle have continued to ensure each of us are using proper form, motivating us to keep going, and supporting each individual with his/her own personal needs. They are great at providing modified versions of each exercise for individuals such as myself who are not as advanced as others. From diet to exercise, they have been available to provide tips and strategies to ensure we are all meeting our personal goals. The class itself, really showcased where my fitness level was at, and after that first class, my body felt every muscle that was worked!

What are some of the biggest changes in your day to day life that have helped you?

I have noticed the biggest difference in my endurance and strength. Beyond seeing some inches fall off, I find myself less out of breath doing daily activities and I’m able to tackle more physical activities than I was prior to starting with KSP.

What keeps you going?

Ultimately, my goal of living a healthy and active lifestyle is what keeps me motivated to continue on with my workouts. Thankfully, I also have a great and supportive workout partner who helps keep me going. We all have personal goals that we seek to attain. Some are easier to achieve than others, but having a supportive friend that understands your goals and roots you on, especially on days when you’re feeling the least motivated, means everything! Keeping sight of my fitness goals, combined with a supportive team, and the encouragement and effective fitness plan received through KSP, really helps keep someone like me going.

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