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May Member of the Month-Zachary P.

Congratulations to this month's member of the month, Zachary P. In recognition of your hard work and commitment to the fitness center, we also want to take the time to recognize you during Military Appreciation Month, as Zach served in the Navy. Zach first joined up with us a week before New Years Day over 5 months ago. Since Zach joined, he gets to the fitness center almost 6 days a week and has made a lifestyle change with both fitness and nutrition. Keep up the great work Zach!

Throughout your lifetime, how long have you been working out for and what do you enjoy most about fitness?

When I was I younger, and all the way up to high school, I was involved in a variety of sports and would be active through that. After that, I have never worked out consistently for more than 6 months at a time. I was always motivated at first, but I would quickly lose interest. It was something that was never on the top of my list before.

There is nothing that I really enjoy about fitness, until now that it is. It was always something that I felt like I had to do and not what I wanted to do. Now I WANT to do it. I get excited to wake up and get to the gym. I feel better and have more energy.

Since training at K.Shan Performance, what have you learned the most about fitness as well as about yourself?

The best thing I have learned is that you can always push yourself further than you ever expected. I have pushed myself to the limits and I keep getting better because of it. Fitness is not just a fad; it needs to be a life change. K. Shan has taught me the proper ways to use the weights. I don’t have to worry about injuring myself because of improper use.

I have also learned that it is more than just fitness. You have to have the right nutrition to meet your goals. I never knew that I could enjoy eating healthier. It is all about making the right choices, both in the gym and out of it.

What do you like most about the workouts? And what is your favorite exercise?

The workouts are actually fun! I enjoy waking up every day to see what will be on the board that day. It is exciting to see what new way you can push yourself. The best part is that it is already preplanned so all you have to do is show up. There are a bunch of exercises that I would have never tried before if it wasn’t for K.Shan.

Another great thing is that you are working in groups. It is a good way to challenge yourself and have others challenge you. I have had times where I wanted to take it easier and I have had people in the group call me out. It keeps me honest and helps me to reach my goals.

My favorite exercise? That is a tough question. There are some that I do not like, but I do enjoy a lot of them. If I had to pick, I would say the odd object carrier. The name says it all. One time you will carrier a keg down and the next time it will be a sledge hammer. It is something different and fun.

What would you recommend to someone looking to start training?

If this is your first time training, don’t be nervous. There are great people here going through the same things you are. We all want what’s best for each other. Everyone is a beginner at one point.

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