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Why I Expect More out of You

At the training facility I expect you stepping your best foot forward each and every day. Granted, I know different days will produce different levels of energy based on the nights rest, nutrition leading up, and prior days training; but, these are not excuses.

Living up to a higher standard means that you are pushing yourself in ways physically and mentally to allow yourself for growth. For most people, I start to see a big difference after the second week. At this point, people know what is expected and they feel more comfortable with the movements, as well as the overall dynamic of the workouts.

Put the cell phone down, this is your hour away from everything that has you working out in the first place. If there is an emergency, I have no problem. I believe in the overall picture of different tendencies that people do. If you are checking your phone during the workouts, I guarantee you are more inclined to not be as Focused and 100% engaged in other activities that you do during the day.

The main thing is pushing yourself in ways you once thought were not possible. Strength of the body is just as important as strength of the mind. It all starts in the mind.

The biggest takeaway I want people to get is to be 100% focused and 100% engaged in the moment. Remember- HERE, NOW.

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