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Two things guaranteed to increase your Sprint Speed.

In any sport, one of the most crucial variables to an athlete's toolbox is speed. When an athlete and parent comes to us, speed is always one of the main goals that the athlete wants to increase. One thing that we always notice when we run an athlete through a few initial sprints, is poor gait pattern of the upper and lower extremities. Proper hand and arm motion as well as foot strike are crucial to the proper mechanics of a sprint. We will touch on the mechanics at a later point, but, I am here to give you the top two ways to increase an athlete's speed.

How to increase your son or daughters speed:

1. Increase your Strength relative to your body weight.

In sports we are always dealing with some type of force production. By engaging in a strength training program that encorporates full body movements such as the squat and deadlift, we are increasing the athletes strength. By increasing the athletes strength, we are generating more force with each step that will propel the athlete further. Strength is a variable that can be increase exponentially in just the first month of an athlete training with us.

2. Increase the mobility of the pelvic region.

When dealing with the pelvic region, we are talking about the hip flexxors as well as the hamstrings. By increasing the range of motion of the athlete's hips, we are allowing the athlete to move through a full movement pattern without any limiting factors. A lot of times the athlete's hips become tight, we counter this by doing mobility and flexibility exercises throughout our sessions. By increasing the range of motion of the athletes hips, the force generated from each step will allow for a much longer stride getting the athlete to their destination that much faster.

K.Shan Performance

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