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I'll Start Exercising Tomorrow

There is no better time than now. We hear this from our co-workers, friends, and family; that they are simply just going to start tomorrow. Tomorrow my friend, is too late.

It is a lot easier to say we will do something than to actually do it. When it comes to exercising it seems as though it is something that always gets put on the back burner and that there just simply is not enough time in the day to do it. We need to start to make the time.

It is the small steps each day that allows us to take more control over our lives and reap the benefits of living a happier and healthier lifestyle. A lot of times towards the end of our training sessions, one of our members will tell us that they were thinking about canceling for the day but were so happy that they didn't.

Make the time for it and you will be thrilled that you did.

Here are some tips to get engaged in to an exercise plan if you are not:

-Start small, go out for a walk after work, or during lunch.

-Sit to stands from a chair are a great way to start building your leg strength

-Wall sits at home are a great way to build up your lower body endurance

-Park the car in the back of the parking lot

-Workout with a buddy

-Tell your friends you want to exercise and tell them some goals you have

-Reach out for help if you do not feel comfortable working out by yourself

It is the small steps each day that will slowly start to shape your routine of living a healthier lifestyle. Once you take the first step forward and take control over begining to exercise, you will not regret it.

Best of luck!

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