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Try this for a week-Turn your Mindset around

I am a firm believer in challenging yourself both physically and mentally. Most times, if not all the time, our mind gives up before our bodies will. One technique that I try and do with my clients and for my personal use is hold people accountable to achieving at least one thing during the day that they did to improve themselves Physically, and Mentally.

If you are looking for an easy way to track this; before you start your day write down on a flashcard or a posted note; Physical and Mental. Try and hit at least one thing for each category everyday for a week straight. For the Physical category, it can be as simple as going out for a walk, running 3 miles, working out for an hour, hiking, or whatever you can do to challenge your musculoskeletal system. As far as Mentally, this can be reading a book or article, brain games, less cellphone and tv time, more or less challenging yourself to learn new things.

This is a great self-improvement technique that holds yourself accountable to achieving and living to a higher standard.

Get a notecard write down these two simple words, and see how much of a self-improvement you can make in just a week.

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