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Training with a Purpose

Whether I am training an athlete or a 50 year old client, both have a formulated plan in order to ensure that it carries over to what they do outside of the gym. For most people, working out can be a drag, but, when we set standards and goals, it can turn our mindset around and allow us to stay fixxed to why we are putting in the work. The end result is that we are healthier and holding ourselves accountable to living a healthly lifestyle, but it is about much more.

When I am working with a client, it always has carry over. Let's go back to our 50 year old client. I prefer to do functional training in order to ensure that the individual's quality of life gets better outside of the gym because they are now more efficient. What I mean by this is, overall they are stronger and can carry themselves around a lot easier. That 50 lb bag of dogfood isn't giving you back pain anymore, the steps leading up to your bedroom are not causing you to get out of breathe anymore, there is a purpose to everything.

The athlete's purpose is to increase their performance and decrease their likelihood of injury on the playing field. When we find our purpose for what we are training for, our mindset tends to focus and achieve our goals more regularly.

This leads me to the selection of exercises. Exercise presciption for each individual should vary and target the areas that are weaker on the client. The only way we get stronger is by working on are weaknesses, and building on our strengths.

Find your purpose and take your training to the next level.

K.Shan Performance

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